About LiveIslands




LiveIslands is an exciting website service for watching live and on-demand video streams of events, and other special productions in the Caribbean region. It is therefore useful for keeping up to date with what’s happening in your Caribbean community, and allowing you to experience a wide range of events through live video stream, or even later at your convenience through on-demand stream.

LiveIslands is a great site for entertainment and information on what’s current and the website is easy to use once you have a reliable broadband connection, capable of accessing most internet video services like YouTube. Bigger events are streamed live as multi-camera productions where it is appropriate for end to end coverage.



     A few easy steps will get you started. 

  1. Establish that your internet connection is reliable enough to watch YouTube videos.
  2. Sign –up for or Log in to your LiveIslands account.
  3. Purchase a yearly, monthly or weekly subscription plan if you do not yet have one.  

Congratulations! Enjoy the wide range of events covered under your plan. You will now have access to all events except special premium pay-per-view feature events (indicated by the pay-per-view label.

LiveIslands can also be a useful tool.  The website gives you the ability to watch from any location, on the go, in those times when you’re unable to attend an event.


See your live streams from your mobile devices.

Whether you’re working late, or just can’t afford to travel to where an event is taking place, you will feel lucky that LiveIslands is streaming your event under your subscription plan which you can watch on your laptop, desktop, or smart phone computer.



Special, Premium Pay-Per-View Events.

LiveIslands covers some special events and productions as pay-per-view event streams, and not under a subscription plan. Everyone (subscribers and non-subscribers) can access a pay-per-view live or on-demand stream, by purchasing pay-per-view (PPV) credit in the amount of stream. Credit can be spent to watch events.



Getting a LiveIslands pay-per-view event is easy. 

  1. Establish that your internet connection is reliable enough to watch YouTube videos.
  2. Sign –up or Log in to your LiveIslands account. Select the event you awant to watch from the Live & Upcoming or Recent menu.
  3. Purchase the event for the corresponding dollar value, or with the corresponding amount of credit to watch that event. Note you can also top-up your account by simply logging into your account and buying LiveIslands credit in the “Credit” section.


Congratulations! Enjoy your live event. Remember to confirm the broadcast date and time. And continue to enjoy your  on-demand events at your  convenience as often as you wish.